My Trip to Europe

Susan and I had the opportunity to go on a river cruise down the Rhine River, touching The Netherlands, Germany, France, and Switzerland.

I thought you might be interested in the Covid situation and the mood of Europe.

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Dougherty Dispatch: Pending Financial crash? Impossible!

Since the beginning of last year, about 16 months, Uber stock has risen 84%, yet the company loses about $200 million—per month. For the same period, Tesla stock has risen 800%, but the company has never made a profit if you don’t count energy grants it’s received from the federal government. Then there’s Bitcoin, which has risen from $7,300 last January to $57,000 at this writing. And nobody even understands what it is.

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Chris is Off to Colorado

It is with some sadness to announce that Chris Kadowaki has decided to leave the firm and move to Colorado. Chris worked for Dougherty & Associates for a little more than two years and during that time learned much with regards to financial planning and income tax issues. While here, he passed the exam toward being a Certified Financial Planner, became a registered investment advisor representative, and succeeded in the first part of the IRS Enrolled Agent certification program. He will take all that he has learned and received at our firm to the rocky mountain state, the home state of his long-time girlfriend.

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GameStop Shenanigans Explained

‘Expect the unexpected’ is an expression that is applicable now more than ever, especially amidst a pandemic. The expression’s relevancy continues early in 2021 in the financial markets. Last year, an unexpected novel virus shocked the overall stock market and stocks dropped about 30%.

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